Alternative Portraits - Experience transformation.

  Krisjan Klenow, Cal Arts alumni, began using her skills as an artist and photographer in the 80's 
to create with costume, hair design and theatrical make-up, fantasy images based on mythical legends.

  Later as the years passed she revisited many other subjects including Film Noir, Vintage Pin-up and  Victorian Portrait Photography while making reference to Modern Pop Culture.

   Her current work gives homage to the printing process it self.  The "Alternative Portrait" embodies a humorous treatment of an opinion and or a dramatic visual tale. It is the translation of film into a digital image and imitates the litho and silkscreen printing processes used to produce graphic novels and theater posters.

"Creating an Alternative Portrait is a truly novel experience for everyone. It's more than a make-over it is an event." -Krisjan Klenow


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